Life Matters Counseling & Therapy, LLC

Coping with the matters of life

At Life Matters Counseling and Therapy, LLC there is an eclectic mix of therapeutic approaches used for clients based on their presenting problem, personality, and needs.

Most used approaches:

  • Psychodynamic approach- Focuses on the origin or symptom of the problem.  Understanding how the past is being repeated in the present.
  • Cognitive-behavioral- Focuses on identifying and changing self-destructive behaviors and though-patterns, improve how to handle feelings and anxiety, and break the cycle of self-destructive behavior.
  • Interpersonal approach- Focus on understanding self-defeating patterns in business and personal relationships.
  • Systemic approach-  Focuses on an "identified client" but as part of a larger system that is causing or enabling behavior.  Most useful when client is resistant.

Other approaches may be used based on the clients individual needs or need for self-expression.  The therapy session is a safe and confidential place to express feelings, thoughts, fears, anxiety, dreams, and any other problem.